Getting to Know the Raspberry Pi – Summer 2020 Mini-Course

Getting to Know the Raspberry Pi – Summer 2020 Mini-Course

This summer we will be hosting a mini-course on getting to know the Raspberry Pi. Students participating in the course will need a Raspberry Pi, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and the ability to connect it to a network.

Click the image to see the device we recommend. It may be purchased online from Amazon or at a retailer such as MicroCenter.

Any questions regarding the hardware necessary should be directed to Mr. Campbell via email (mrcampbell @

It is important that students have all of the components necessary to get started which is why we recommend the Canakit. Note, in addition to the Canakit a student will still need a keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and the ability to connect to a network (wired or wireless).

The topics we plan to cover in this mini-course are:

Week 1:Getting to Know you Raspberry Pi

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi and basic navigation of the operating system

  1. Parts 
  2. Turning it on / First Time / Operating System Selection
  3. Login
  4. Navigating the Environment
  5. Introduction to the Shell / Terminal
  6. Basic Network Introduction
  7. Enable SSH
  8. Navigating the File system, where to find important files
  9. Editing files / Editors.

Week 2: Hello, World – Quick Introduction to Programming

A very quick and high level introduction to programming and basic programming concepts

  1. What is programming?
  2. Input / Output
  3. Variables and Mathematics
  4. Conditionals 
  5. Loops
  6. Functions

Week 3: Build a Web Server

Install software necessary to build a simple website.

  1. Install webserver stack Apache, PHP, MySQL
  2. Write a simple HTML Page / Learn common HTML Tags
  3. Introduction to PHP / PHP Hello, World
  4. PHP implementation of Items from Week 2
  5. Introduction to Databases (Very High Level)
  6. Simple database interactions on our new webserver