1.0 Python – Chapter 1 – print and input

There are currently 4 functions we should all be familiar with:

  • print
  • input
  • int
  • str

We should also be familiar with the concept of a variable. 


print is used to display output on the screen.  For example:

>>>print("Hello, world!")
Hello, world!

Hello, World


input is used to get information from a user.  For example:

MyVar=input("Enter some information: ")

In the input example above, MyVar would hold the string representation of what the user typed in.

After learning the basic functions for input and output we learned to write a simple program that uses both of these functions:

YourName=input("What is your name? ")
print("Hello "+YourName)

The two lines of code above when executed will ask the user for their name and then display “Hello + The Users Name”. ie:

What is your name? Mr. Campbell
Hello Mr. Campbell

In the second line of code (“Hello ” + YourName) is the argument we pass to the print function.  The print function sees this as one string.  The + sign joins the two strings together.  This is called concatenation.