Basic Hardware and Commands

Common Network Hardware:

Router – Connects networks together

Switch – Used to connect multiple devices on the same network together

Wireless Access point – WAP – Device that allows wireless endpoints access to a network

Endpoint – A device connected to the network (i.e. Tablet Computer, Smart Phone, Computer, Laptop.  Typically a client machine

Host – A device connected to a network that typically provides a service (i.e. a web server)

Firewall – a device that protects a network from intrusions

Network Commands

ipconfig (windows) ifconfig (Unix, Linux, Max) – Retrieves the network settings for the endpoint.

IP Address – A numerical label assigned to each device connected to an Internet Protocol network.

IP – Internet Protocol

ping – test to see if host is “alive”

tracert (Windows) or traceroute – Traces path to destination host

nslookup – Provides a means to query a name server to obtain an IP Address to Domain name mapping
DNS – Domain Name System – Used to map host names to IP Address.